On behalf of the Big Fat board, I want to thank the one rider who came all the way to Central Oregon to come ride our Bend's Big Fat Tour with us. I am not sure if he is on MTBR, but just in case, a big thanks for making the trip! I personally did not get a chance to talk to you, but I know other board members did, so we wanted to let you know we really appreciate you coming!
The weekend turned out to have great weather and even better trail conditions and everyone seemed to have a blast riding. Thanks again for coming and do come next year, we are already meeting to discuss what different trails we will use as well as what will stay the same. Also, photos can be uploaded to Bend's Big Fat Tour flickr page and any feedback is always welcome!
And for those of you who missed our event, check out the website: www.bendsbigfattour.com. We invite you to come ride and enjoy with us next October!