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    New question here. Tank Trail?

    Hey everyone,

    Anyone ride the Tank Trail (aka The Bull Dog Trail) recently? I rode it years and years ago, before the permit requirement system the Army has in place now. I've wanted to ride it the past few winter seasons, so today I finally drove out to the Fort Rich main gate to get one of their Recreational Access Permits (RAPs) so I can ride it this winter w/o getting myself into trouble.

    Problem #1: I didn't realize it until I got home, but the MP that filled out my permit at the gate neglected to issue me a permit #. This number, supposed to actually be on the permit, is what you need to check-in via their automated telephone check-in system. Which leads to...

    Problem #2: I called the Army's automated phone check-in system today (even though I don't have a permit #) only to get a message telling me that the system is down, indefinitely. Therefore all Fort Rich rec land users must now first check in personally at the main gate before accessing any Army rec areas. This would be a big inconvenience, and a lot of burned gas, to have to drive all the way out to Fort Rich from Anchorage, then back to South Anchorage to access the Tank Trail from the south via Far North Bicentennial. There's no way I can justify doing all that driving just to ride the trail.

    So, anyone out there have any experience w/ the Army's permit system and access to the Tank Trail? Anyone currently use the system, and/or the Tank Trail? Any worthy advice you care to share? I’d certainly appreciate it.

    Also, anyone know of a map that shows the numbers the Fort Rich rec areas are assigned so I can figure out what’s open vs. what’s closed when listening to all the numbers the guy on the phone system rattles off?



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    I dunno, I just get on my bike and ride up toward Stuckagain Heights, then jump off the road onto the trail and go play. It had an amazing coating of ice last week and now the snow is making it a hard slog to ride... get some Nokians that cut the slush and you'll do fine.

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    Pugs on Tank Trail Nov 11

    I took my Pugs out last night from 4-8pm right at the tail end of the snowstorm. Rode from Service HS out and back to Arctic Valley golf course on the Tank Trail. Packed trail for the first couple miles, then random foot/ski tracks for the next several miles. Last 4-5 miles was no tracks; 5" of powder on ice/gravel. 5mph average speed, slow but steady. Rode the dog mushing trails in FNBP on the way back. They were hit and miss, mostly decent though a bit of pushing through the tussocks, deep grass and rooty areas.

    I think days of studded tires are gone for a while.

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