From as of January 4. Yentna Station roadhouse is 31 river miles from Deshka Landing. Skwentna Roadhouse another 30 from there. Anyone been out yet?

JANUARY 04 2008
Today's Weather @ the Landing
overcast,calm Temp @ 0800 12
Trail Conditions:
The LSDA has marked the trail from the landing all the way to Yentna Station.Remember, these green topped stakes are for everyone's saftey.Please do not knock them down.If you do, take the time to stand them back up.The LSDA is a non-profit org. Donations are accepted at the landing office.
The trail to the Yentna is reported in good condition.Stay on the marked trail.Be careful, watch for overflow. Conditions can change quickly at these temps.There is alot of thin ice out there. Kroto Slough still bad overflow.The trail is routed around this area.
We have about 20" of snow on the ground here at the landing.The trails in the swamps are usable, but are rough due to low snow.
The parking lot lighting is complete.Things are looking pretty bright out there at night.The landing also has pay-for-plug- in outlets for those who want to plug in their engine heaters.Check at office for price and availability.
Stay warm!