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    Yea, so this is a worthless post to most people who've already been up here... BUT, studded tires are the shiznitz! I've never ridden on a pair, and back home in VA, on the rare occaison that we had ice persisting for more than 24 hours, I would just kind of duke it out. However, I mounted up the studs (Nokians) on ye olde Epic and made my way across town (Campbell Creek trail from Diamond, down C-street multi-use, then up near South High & back) to pick up my significant other's cellphone (left it at her parent's). Anyways, I probably caused more near-accidents rather than slipping, at my pure excitement, joy, and sheer unbelievableness at my ability to ride across slick-tastic ice surfaces with impunity!!!

    Anyways, I've got studs, my toes have thawed, and I'm on a war(most likely not)path to conquer Anchorage on bike now! In other words, despite my time off the bike since the summer, I'm one step closer to a frigid bits event now that I can ride more than 10 feet without semi-whiping out!

    Word ya'll.

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    That is awesome! See ya soon.............................

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