Soggy Bottom pre-ride August 5th and August 6th schedule
Log in:
The Soggy Bottom log in is mandatory; this is when you get your ride number / day pass AEA membership. There will be two opportunities to do this.
The first opportunity will be Friday at the Social Hall; this log in period will be from 7 PM to 8:30 PM.
The second time will be on ride day August 6th from 7 AM until 8:30 AM. The next opportunity to log in will be after the ride starts at 9 AM. This is not negotiable.
Riders meeting:
The riders meeting will occur at the Social Hall promptly on Saturday at 8:30 AM.
There will be a working bear bell sealing (mute able bells will be unmuted) check during the riders meeting so you will need to bring your bike to this meeting.
In front of the Sea View Bar
Stem cap award criteria.
The Fabulous Soggy Bottom stem caps are earned.
All solo riders who complete the ride in 12 hours or more will get the coveted Soggy Bottom stem cap.
All solo riders who complete the ride in less than 12 hours will get the sought after Soggy Bottom Red Stem Cap!
The Team stem cap standard is 9 hours or in other words the rider of the 3rd segment must arrive at the Sea View no later than 6 PM.
There will be 25 coffee coupons worth $2.00 off the coffee drink of your choice; from fabulous The Grounds for Hope Coffee Cottage! Thank you Bianca!! This is on first come first gets method starting at the Friday sign up. Bianca said she will be open around 7:15 on Saturday!!!