Soggy 2011 notes-
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    Soggy 2011 notes

    I feel the 2010 and 2011 Soggy rides were beyond classification! It was another Soggy Bottom hell ride! The riders that attempted to finish as well as those who actually made it back to the finish, displayed courage and heart that are not possible for me to describe.
    For mile after mile the riders endured energy sapping cold, mud that was hub deep, sleet and horrid wind at the top of Devils Pass and nonstop rain, these riders defined what a Soggy Bottom rider is.
    I would like to give a very special thank you to 2 hardy and courageous souls, who also fit the definition of a Soggy Bottom Rider!! Tim and Oscar, the 2 sweeps who were the last riders to leave Devils Pass, they also endured what all the riders did who rode out before them. They rode six plus hours most of it in the dark and escorted 3 riders back to Hope!

    Humor from the Hell Ride, Broken Toe Joe, was about to cross the bridge by the Juneau Cabin and heard a woman giggling and there below the bridge was a woman, wearing a bikini in what appeared to be wilderness bikini photo shoot!! What is it with the Soggy? One year it had murderous snowshoe hares and this year bikinis!
    Please add your 2011 Soggy Bottom ride experiences to this thread!

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    Damn, missed out on the photo shoot. Oh well, there are lots of bridges, so maybe next year...
    Thanks Carlos for another great race. It was well organized. Having checkers at Devil's worked out great, and of course, having Tim and Oscar sweeping was a great idea. Thanks to those guys for braving the weather.
    As icing on the cake, Hope is the place to hang out and party. Congrats to all who made it in-it was another tough year.
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    Congrats to everyone who lined up in front of the Seaview and confronted the beast known as the 2011 Soggy Bottom. It was a sufferfest of epic proportions.

    While we always give big credit to those to finish the course, I saw a rider this year who deserves respect for NOT making it back to Hope. Rachel Steer arrived at the Devil's Pass checkpoint looking fresh and strong, but the gear she had packed in a drop box was missing. Generous people started handing her stuff like dry socks, dry jerseys, and anything else they could think of to get her back on the trail, and Rachel even started changing into the new clothes while intending to go back out.

    After carefully considering her situation, she decided the conditions in the high country were too cold and wet for her to safely continue without her proper gear, and she chose to scratch. The disappointment was written all over her face, but so was the determination to do what she thought was right.

    The Soggy Bottom is about solid planning, self-sufficiency, and pushing your limits while still managing to make decisions that keep you and others safe. Sometimes, the height of self-sufficiency is knowing when to call it a day. That's a valued skill in Alaska, whether you're a pilot, a climber or a mountain biker.

    Rachel had the strength and fitness to ride the course, but made a hard, personal decision to sacrifice her goal in the interest of safety during brutal weather. I think she set a great example of what a Soggy Bottom rider should be.
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    By the way, here's my account of what life was like for the sweep team Saturday night.

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    No kidding BK. Last year I wasn't prepared and know the feeling of having to quit at Devil's. Working all year, planning all year, it didn't seem fair my equipment and my body let me down.

    This year I found myself reciting out loud a line from Kurt Vonnegut's account of being captured by Germans in WWII being in a box car headed to a POW camp. A fellow soldier kept saying: "You think this is bad? This isn't so bad." Talk about staying positive!

    I should note that Vonnegut goes on to write: "When we woke in the morning, he was dead. The last thing he said to anyone was 'This isn't so bad.' " That's the spirit!

    Anyway, thanks to julie, jill, and tony and all the volunteers, check point operators, Carlos, drivers and sweepers. You guys aren't so bad.

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    I called it at Devil's Pass trailhead (mile 70). Mud, rain, wind, sleet, and an opportunity to ride with an exceptional group of people.
    Fatigue and cold eventually lead me to loosing control of my bike at approximately mile 62 on the descent of Devils Pass. Landing on a sharp pile of rocks obscured by mud probably rattled my mind and spirit more than my body itself. I've got a great deal of respect for those that endured the elements and finished this ride. I'd like to extend a special thanks to Carlos for organizing this, and especially to Tim and Oscar for venturing into the abyss to ensure everyone made it safely back to Hope. Well done!
    Bikinis under a bridge? Sounds like Joe really suffered out there. I hope he's OK.

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