2008 Sog Bot- get on, fall off, refocus, dominate your fears, then do it all over again and again .....
Hope, Alaska; August 30th.

Well, well, well.... 28 riders and 3 teams wanted to do the Sog Bot and on Saturday August 30th, at 9 AM; 26 soloist and three teams thought they could do it. The last 2 riders arrived in to Hope after a 15 hour and 30 minute day, 16 soloist and 2 teams new that they did it ! Mother nature had a a surprise, the 2008 riders were given 100 miles of slimy slickerry and at times peanut butter tacky trail conditions that tested each riders endurance and mental toughness and will to continue. The course took its toll with numerous flats, 1 broken handle bar, 1 broken brake lever, and 2 broken seat posts.
The first person to arrive back to Hope was Evan Hyde it took Evan 10 Hours and 49 minutes. Evan rode about the last 10 miles with a flat rear tire !
Sharon Sell was the first woman to get back to Hope with a time of 12 hours and 55 minutes and chicked 9 other males. Here are the riders that thrive in and survived the 2008 Sg Bot !
Evan Hyde, 10hr 49 min.; Mark Elfstrom,11 hr 20 min.;
Joe Broken Toe Plollock 12 hr 00 min. ; Mike Vania, 12 hr 00 min.;
Jared Brooks, 12 hr 44 min; ( First Female ) Sharon Sell, 12 hr 55 min.;
Tim kelly, 12 hr 57 min.; Scott Vincik, 13 hr 11 min.; Adam Johnson, 13 hr 40 min.;
Jon Douglas, 14 hr 02 min.; Allen Hansen, 14 hr 20 min.; ( first 3.7 Pugsley to ever complete the Sog Bot ); Jacques Boutet 14 hr 30 min.; Jim Jager, 14 hr 30 min.
Jenny Hoeger, 15 hr 30 min.; Jill Valerius, 15 hr 30 min.

She and He ( Rachel steer and Alex Wilson) , 12 hr 02 min.
Sloppy Top Tubes ( Tim big bird Woody, Ken Huber and Julie Perilla ), 15hr 17 min.

A huge thank you to volunteers , Shelly, Maura, Curt, Tony Gray Bush, Sean and to all the folks who posted photos of the migrating Sog Bots !

As time permits, a split time chart will be posted soon.