Snow Bike Orienteering This Wednesday-
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    Snow Bike Orienteering This Wednesday

    This Wednesday evening, Feb 9th, the Arctic Orienteering Club is putting on a race in Far North Bicentennial Park. The event is open to bikers, skiers, snowshoers and runners. With current conditions, fat-tire bikes should do really well.

    This could be a fun little tune-up for those who are doing the Susitna 100 or 50K, or anyone else who wants to shake up their usual ride with a little navigational challenge. No orienteering experience necessary.

    Feb 9th (Wed) Starts from 6pm - 7pm
    Start: Campbell Airstrip Rd-Mile 1.1
    What to bring: A headlamp and a bike
    More details:

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    More Information

    Here is some more detailed information I got from one of the organizers for those interested. Looks like it will be a lot of fun. It's a new format that hasn't been used before, so it should be interesting to see how it works:

    Controls are set with bias toward narrower single track trails. There is some skating on the Tour of Anchorage trails and the Hillside system but there are more options for classic skiing. Please avoid the mushing trails and don't skate on the set diagonal tracks. If you are on a bike please choose a loop system that avoids the Hillside trail system which is closed to biking, there will be ample other alternatives to keep you entertained.
    As of Sunday many of the major trails had been packed in but not all the smaller trails. All controls were set on ski able or bike able trails. If it snows it is anyone's guess

    Rules are simple:
    Start when you want and finish when you have had enough. First start is at 6:00 and you must return by 8:00 as that is the latest we will be keeping time.

    2 hours is the maximum possible time you can stay out and if you want to do that you will have to start at 6:00. Score O format all controls are worth 5 points each.
    Unlike the normal score O your penalty points start to accumulate when you leave the start, one point per minute. You start with 0 points. If it takes you 5 minutes to find the first control you will still have have 0 point after punching in. If you find it in 2 minutes you will have +3 points. If you go for 2 hours you will accumulate 120 penalty points. If you find all 35 controls in that time you will finish with 55 points = (35 x 5)-120. The same points as someone who finds 20 controls in 45 minutes = (20x5)-45. If you find 10 controls in an hour you will have -10 points and end up behind someone who just handed his card in after the start..... but you will have had a lot more fun and exercise!

    First start at 6:00 come early if you want to go for a long ski! We will mass start all who are ready to go at 6:00.

    Everybody must be back by 8:00
    1 penalty point for each minute you are out.
    There are 35 controls all worth 5 points each.
    Start when you want, finish when you're tired. There are no long or short courses.

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    Bike Orienteering, Wednesday Feb 15 2012

    No ASS race this week, so here's another fun way to get the competitive juices flowing. Last year's event was a big success with lots of fat bikes in attendance. The Arctic Orienteering Club is doing it again tomorrow (Wednesday)...

    This Wednesday evening, Feb 15th 2012, the Arctic Orienteering Club is putting on a race in Far North Bicentennial Park. The event is open to bikers, skiers, and snowshoers/runners/walkers. The course will be a mix of singletrack and groomed trails.

    No orienteering experience necessary. Just bring you, your bike and a light/headlamp.

    Feb 15th (Wed)
    Start anytime between 6pm - 7pm
    Campbell Airstrip Rd-Mile 1.1 trailhead
    More details: oalaska dot org

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    Thanks to the people at Arctic Orienteering. I tried this last night and it was way fun. I learned a lot of what not to do so next time will be better. It is very easy to ride right by a checkpoint in the dark so I need to read that map better.
    Latitude 61

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    Had a Blast, trails were a bit soft, but warm temps and low traffic made for a fun time.

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