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    Snaux Bike

    Ok, the time has come. I just finished my new summer ride and it's time to start thinking about the coming winter riding season. After one season of riding 2.3/5s on regular rims, I accept that some change is necessary. I picked up a pair of 26" sno-cats in the spring and I am not willing to throw down the $$$ necessary for Large Marges so that's my starting point. I also have a 1x1 fork and think I may be able to sneak a 3" gazzoldi in there if I cut off the tabs.

    I have a fully equipped 26" bike to canablize for parts so all I'm missing is a frame. Can anyone recommend a lightweight, hardtail frame that has ample clearance to accomodate at least a 2.7 (WTB TimberWolf) in the rear? Rear triangle tire clearance is the major issue here and it's not exactly a standard measurement (or is it?). I'm not sure how best to check this aside from dropping a fully set-up wheel into each frame or by soliciting feedback here. Ohhh, and no fancy carbon or anything like that. Lightweight within reason.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SkiMonkee
    Can anyone recommend a lightweight, hardtail frame that has ample clearance to accomodate at least a 2.7 (WTB TimberWolf) in the rear? Rear triangle tire clearance is the major issue here
    Monkee, both akdeluxe and BigLaker picked up Raleigh aluminum frames from Paramount for around $150. Those were super deals that both turned into sweet SnoCat bikes, at an unbeleivably low build cost. They have good rear tire clearance, I'm unsure if they had 2.7 Timberwolf clearance or not, but 2.5 Weirwolf clearance. You'll have a pretty limited choice of standard frames that will allow that 2.7 on a SnoCat to fit. The big Timberwolf hasn't proven to be the best choice for a snowtire anyway, the widely spaced tall knobs churn up the snow too much.

    Those Paramount guys are real accomodating from my experience, I bet they'd try to fit a mounted Timberwolf on a SnoCat if they have any more of those frames available. Not sure if it was a short term price deal or not, but worth checking out.

    Maybe try sending a pm to Pat Irwin. He's had a lot of experience with Surly frames that may fit a combination that large, I bet he's got some insight. They may not be as light as you'd prefer, but they do tout "Fatties Fit Fine."

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    Hi Brian,

    What a coincidence! I have a "Snaux Bike" that I'm canabalizing to make room in the closet for some Large Marges. The frame is a Raleigh M50DX and I also have a steel Nashbar fork that will fit that exact 2.7 TimberWolf/SnowCat setup. The catch with the 2.7 tire is you have to shave the outer knobs on the rear tire, but after that it fits fine in the rear triangle. But if you don't have tires yet, I could also send you those as well. Everything's in great condition; tires only have one season of use on them. How do you feel about $75 for the frame? Maybe $40 for the tires if you need them. I'd have to ship it from Juneau, though, which might be about $30. E-mail me and we can talk.

    A link to a picture of the frame is here:

    Something to consider, anyway.

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    Timberwolf 2.7 for snow

    I agree that the Timberwolf 2.7's are too aggressive for snow but if you take the time to cut off all the knobs (I'm not kidding, get them all off as close as you can) they make great snowtires. I use them with snowcats and once all the knobs were off (started cutting sides to make them fit, ended up cutting everything for weight and performance) there was no discernable loss of traction and a vast improvment in overall handling and especially rolling resistance. Get the racing model 2.7's, huge difference in weight. Nashbar had them not to long ago for under 25 bucks U.S. WTB might not be making the 2.7 Timberwolves anymore.

    I've got mine on a Motobcane Team Fly, hardtail, very light. There's just enough room in the rear for the 2.7's with some cutting. t

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    No more 2.7 T-Wolves from WTB
    ...think we'll ever get outta' this world alive ?...

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    More on winter tires

    A quick search revealed a few online sources of WTB Timberwolfs 2.7 race, prices were in the mid 30 dollar U.S. range, without shipping of course. The downhill version is listed at over 1700 grams and the race version at around 950 grams. Cut off all the lugs and you can lose 100 plus grams which makes for a damn light tire considering size. They also seemed to handle low pressure well with surprisingly strong sidewalls for the tire weight.

    Wanted to amend my praise of these tires a bit. When I used them last winter we had the best conditions I can remember in 18 years of winter biking. Just enough early winter snow to set trails and then record low snowfall for the rest of the winter. Trails were in prime springlike condition almost all winter long so I really don't know how these tires would perform in deep or soft snow conditions although experience makes me believe they will work well in most winter conditions. Also in Interior Alaska we are generally blessed with dry snow that packs well and lots of snowmachine, dogteam traffic. The Love Rd. trail system were most of my riding is done is heavily used by mushers who often drag the trail making for excellent winter biking. t

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    Hey Brian,

    A friend over here is running a 1x1 frame with Large Marges and Gazzalodis, so the width is there. Not sure if maybe the snocats would be different, maybe a different shape on the tire.


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