Shameless Plug.. Russian Lakes Trail Clearing Ride..-
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    Shameless Plug.. Russian Lakes Trail Clearing Ride..

    <tt><tt>My Generic Speel for it..
    Russian Lakes Trail MTB & Trail Maintenance
    Saturday June 9th.
    Join members of the Arctic Bicycle Club & Singletrack
    Advocates for a fun early season Mountain Bike Ride
    down Russian Lakes trail.

    We will be riding approximately 30 miles, most of
    which will be down Russian Lakes trail.

    This year we will again be performing trail clearing
    of the trail to make this trail clear for a great
    straight through riding adventure.

    Participation is the trail maintenance is not
    required; but you are encouraged to bring a small
    collapsible hand saw, hatchet, or tool you can
    'safely' ride with and that you can use. We hope to
    have at least one chainsaw in a B.O.B. trailer as well
    for the really large trees that are sure to be

    Plans are to meet at Carrs Huffman at 8am for the
    Carpool or at 10am at the Post Office intersection of
    Snug Harbor Road and Mile 48 of th Sterling Hwy. We
    will then shuttle the bikes and riders to the trail
    head and begin from there.

    Helmets are required, and this is considered an
    Advanced Mountain Bike ride. The trail maintenance
    occurring will add several additional hours over the
    standard traverse time for this trail, and this area
    also has very heavy bear activity. Riders should plan
    for these conditions accordingly.

    Please check the ABC Touring Division's Hot Line the
    week of the ride 566-0177 Option 3, or email
    Christopher for any updates.</tt></tt>

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    Oh and yes we have the 'ok' to do this.

    Just in case anyone is wondering.. Yes we do have the official Seward Ranger District "OK" to do this and to ride our bikes whatever the trail conditions.


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    Reminder next week we are doing this ride/trail work.

    The 'word' is with the strong winds this winter there are over 100 trees down on the trail. This may be an exaggeration.. but last year we cleared over 25 with a chain saw and over 50 total.

    If you got a chainsaw, we got the people willing to bring BOBs if you don't have one yourself.


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    Christopher, four of us rode it yesterday from the lower end, Russian River campground. We didn't encounter any blowdowns until about the area where the Aspen Flats cabin is. Maybe we crossed eight or so up to the Upper Russian Lake cabin.

    The highest concentration of downed trees, according to a hiker that had just been through, was from Cooper Lake to the Upper Russian Lakes cabin, so you may be better off coming in from that end. Otherwise you'll be packing for a good eight or nine miles before you have to do anything.

    The hiker had a close encounter with a grizzly bear, and we saw a big healthy black bear in the major burn area, so make plenty of noise.

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    my buddy B.O.B needs a ride

    ... sorry for breaking your pullski today however, my well-travelled B.O.B trailer and skewer are available - let me know if you have a need - I can deliver it to Anchorage
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    Not a prob.. but anyone else got a Chainsaw?

    Don't worry about the Pulaski.. it is already sporting a nice new handle.

    Does anyone happen to have another chainsaw they can bring? We have B.O.B.s. Let me know ASAP!

    I am bringing STA's Chainsaw , as well my collapsable saw, hatchet, the Swedish brush axe I recently picked up.

    If you are coming.. good tools to bring that are easy to ride with are:
    Hatchet with sheath
    Collapsable Bow Saw
    Bow Saw
    Brush Axe with Blade Protector
    Machete (with Sheath!)
    Looped Shears
    !GLOVES!, but full fingered riding gloves tend to work well too.


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    I rode from the upper trailhead on Sunday and crossed 50 plus blow downs. While I was up there I ran into a friend who is a Forest Service hiking ranger. He said that the trail crew would be in on Monday. If this is true than you might not have very much work to do. You had better check before you come down. Your time might be better well spent on Johnson Pass if they havn't gotten to that yet. From what I know that trail is only cleared 5 miles in on the south side only.

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    Upper Russian Lake update

    Hi All,
    This is my first post! Some of you may have met me on previous rides or on NTD in the past. I am, one of the backcountry rangers on the SRD, as the username implies. I just wanted to update you, that yes, it is true, there were more than 118 trees down between the Upper Russian Lakes trailhead and the lake, only one was down between the Lower trailhead and Aspen Flats (which we limbed last fall), thanks to our phantom cutter and our very own trail maintenance crew! Our crew has now cleared all trees up to the Res. River junction from the Upper end. So, the area still needing to be cleared is between Aspen Flats and the Res. River jct. Please try to cut these a good distance back from the trail and we will be flying in next week to clean the rest up. Enjoy and thanks a bunch for your help. We are trying to get access so that we can post trail updates directly on to our SRD website. Currently we have to pass the info. on to the Anchorage office and then someone there inputs it. Sometimes they do this in a timely manner, and sometimes it takes too long IMO. Anyway, hopefully this can be remedied. I also plan on telling my co-workers about this site so that we can put updates directly on here too.
    There are still tons of trees between Aspen Flats and Russian Lakes jct. I don't know the exact # cause my notebook is at work. At any rate, thanks for all the help!!
    -Susan H.

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    Russian Lakes now clear end-to-end.

    Russian Lakes trail is now clear end-to-end.

    We had about 14 people show up for the ride and 5 people assist with the trail work. Three people were in the tree cutting crew and two people rode ahead an debranched them for us.

    All in all we probably cut about 50 trees with the chainsaw at about 30 different locations.. including an absolute monster of a tree that fell right on the trail and was about the length of a semi-truck trailer it seemed. Thanks to good timing.. about 8 riders showed up that were not part of the ABC group that helped us push the many sections we had cut the thing into out of the way and off the trail.

    We did leave a few 'over hangers' that could be ridden underneath safely and easily though.. but they probably won't hit the ground.

    Thanks again Alan C. and Jim B. for helping out.


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    Thanks from all us slackers

    who didn't come out to help! That's a big load of gratitude that we owe the Touring Division of Arctic Bicycle Club!


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