• 05-27-2008
    Russian River Trail conditions?
    Does anyone have the latest status on the condition of the Russian River trail? crsouser, did you have your trail maintenance day there yet?

    I'm considering riding it soon, but have heard rumors of mega avalanched areas, with some serious snowslides still lingering. If anyone has recent firsthand knowledge it would be much appreciated.
  • 05-28-2008
    Russian Lakes Trail
    My trail maintenance day of Russian Lakes is planned for June 7th, National Trails Day.

    I make it an Arctic Bike Club Touring Division ride and this will be the third year we have done it. Usually a small group of us haul a chain saw in a BOB and then everyone else rides ahead and clears hand throwables and helps debranch the trees so we can make quick work of it with the chainsaw.

    So it is going to be on Russian Lakes Trail from the top of Snug Harbor Road to the Russian River Campground; then we bike back to the cars at the end of Snug Harbor road from the campground.

    I talked to a group that headed to the Cabins from the campground and the Forest Service. The forest service says they have cleared a majority of the downfall from the Campground for about 4-5 miles up the trail and did mention several major avalanches that need to be crossed. The hiking group reported the same.

    I believe there is still snow on the upper end but its probably been melting fairly quickly and I might check it out this weekend. The forest service hasn't even attempted to check it out yet last I heard; but they plan on tagging along with us on bikes on the 7th last I heard.


  • 05-28-2008
    Wow, I guess we really are weeks behind schedule this year. Thanks for the news Christopher, a delay is probably in order, really appreciate you updating us. See ya Thursday night.