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    River riding?

    Just looking at the map I'm wondering if it's reasonable to ride from Nanana or FBNKS to Manly Hot Springs once it's nice and frozen? Thanks, Jim.

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    There should be well used snowmachine trails between FBX and Nenana once the river is frozen. Unlike other open areas the motorheads riding on rivers mostly stay on the same trail, so that helps. You could contact a snowmachine club in Fairbanks and they might give you a trail conditions report. From Nenana to Manley would be traveled less often and looks much farther. Maybe calling the Nenana Public Safety Office could provide info on the trail conditions between Nenana and Manley.

    Regardless you should have some experience with winter river travel before attempting this. While conditions could be great for biking any number of things like, fresh snow, drifting, or overflow ,could change that. t ,

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    What time of year are you thinking about doing this ride?? I've ridden between FBKS and Nenana many times. Other than the Tanana's freakish and unnerving ability to form open leads, even during extended cold snaps, its generally a pretty good ride.

    Its just over 50 miles from the boat ramp at Chena Pump to the boat ramp in Nenana. Probably another 75 miles to Manley. I've only been 15-20 miles beyond Nenana, but (at that time) the trail was pretty similar to the upstream section. It does seem like it would get quite a bit less traffic as you get further from Nenana. I'm sure once the river is solid for travel there is something of a trail all the way to Manley. Maybe ridable, maybe not, depending on recent weather.

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    Bill M

    Nenana to Manley

    Once the Mushers get busy training there is a trail off the river just downstream of Nenana that goes to Old Minto and then on to Manley. We used it for the race in 03 when we had to move the Start to Nenana. It was pretty straight forward and if you goofed up you would just end up in New Minto and could ride the road into Manley. Like Jeff said the Nenana is quirky and I scared myself more than once looking at open leads where I had skied the day before.
    Bill M

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