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    Rim tape for wide rims and H-bar pogies

    What's everyone using for rim tape? Please specify the width of your rim, if it's offset drilled, and if it drilled for weight reduction.

    I'm building up my snow bike and looking for some options. I like the strength of strapping tape, but I do not like the residue that is left, but with such wide rims it would be easy to get one's hand in there with a solvent to clean it.

    And the second topic

    Pogies for H-bars. Epic says that their pogies will fit an H-bar, but the wait list is a bit and the price is a little much for me. The standard Moose Mitts do not work. Any other options to consider before attempting to make my own?

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    I have 50mm drilled wheels and the tape doesn't bother me. You could use all kinds of different material instead of tape but it would all be heavier than mylar tape.

    As for the pogies, I have an H bar also but will probalby make my own to fit.

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    i would consider making your own pogies. all commercially available ones i know of simply cinch down beyond the brake lever, leaving a gap between the bar and cable housing. with bars up to 17* sweep or so, this isn't a problem, but with the extreme angle of H-bars, it might let too much cold air in. so i say make your own that either cover the entire angled portion on each side of your bar, or have a flap that closes off the gap between the bar and housings.

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    I used this :- http://www.gorillaglue.com/tapes.aspx on my XC large Marge rims to good effect.
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    I use the 50 mm Rox rim tape that is included with the Large Marge rims. It works well on the XC or DH rims.

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    basic masking tape works fine, but duct tape is also good.

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    I've got an offset 26" SnoCat SL (SL means cutouts) and a 29" SnoCat SL, not offset. On both I used gift-wrapping ribbon from a fabric store. The LBS told me about it, you can match your bike color. Inside that I run a narrow strip of strapping tape so it covers the spoke ends. t

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    well when i was building sl cats the trick was packcloth or like suplex..its super light and lasts forever..i still have some on a set i built in 95..have 1000's of miles and use summer and winter, plus you have it around too patch gear right??..(well you should)..use that then one layer of straping tape or electric ,i use electric..

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