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    Ride Partner sometime in Aug

    Hey Bros!! May be coming up to visit my dad in Anchorage in Aug. Would like to get in some good riding. I was up there two summers ago and rode a bunch of trail behind his house, south fork rim, powerline, and few other names I dont remember. I also rode the ski trails at hilltop, and the Cresent lake trail. Had a great time, but was scared to death most of the time that a bear would snatch me off my bike. Never saw one though. I would like to do some of the better rides but dont want to venture into the backcountry bymyself. Would any of you guys be willing to hook me up. I am a very capable rider and can fix most probs on the bike if need be, like I said Your environment kind of scares me. I would definetly like to ride Lost Lake or Resurection pass, or any other that yall would reccomend.

    I will be coming up from Louisiana so I want to see some high country views!!!

    If any of you guys work at Home Depot, that is where my pops works. He lives up on a mountainside around a road named stroganauf (sp?)

    Thanks in advance for any responses. Oh yea, where to rent a nice bike??

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    Sure, just post on the forum when you get here..
    I think Alaska Mountain Bike Source has rentals.. here's their toll free # 888-989-8844 and their email is [email protected]

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    I live in Seward and can take you on the Lost Lake Trail. Just lemme know when you get here and lets Ride!

    [email protected]

    The Seward Bike Shop rents bikes in this area. 907-224-2448, No web site.


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    Arctic Bike Club has some rides while you are in town

    [QUOTE=mtbkendall]Your environment kind of scares me. I would definetly like to ride Lost Lake or Resurection pass, or any other that yall would reccomend.

    The Arctic Bike Club's (http://www.arcticbike.org) touring division is doing rides a couple times a week throughout August. Depending when you arrive in Anchorage, Resurrection Pass (August 1st), Juneau Falls (Aug 7th), Lost Lake (Aug 8th), and several other rides during the weekend and mid-week. The mid-week rides are on Tue/Thur 7-9pm rides that occur in the Anchorage area.

    Most people that show up on the rides are relatively capable riders but occasionally you get a very wide range of skill levels on a ride and the pace can vary greatly depending on that. If its a large enough group I guess they will split up to make it more enjoyable for everyone (though I haven't seen this happen yet but I guess it does happen). Also be sure to check out the descriptions on the website and call the ride line to get the car pool locations etc.


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