requesting tech help - drivetrain-
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    requesting tech help - drivetrain

    Getting some real snow in VT but struggling to keep the drivetrain ice free. Any suggestions about prep and lube types to keep the gears shifting? Happy Holidays.

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    Good question

    Depending on the conditions you are riding in,you might be out of luck. Especially if you have a bunch of loose snow flying everywhere. Ice jams up my stuff all the time.You might try letting your bike cool down to the outdoor temps before you ride it. Finish Line and Pedros make lubes they claim are for very cold conditions. If you think it is gonna' freeze up,pick a gear and stay there. Others here may have a solution.

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    I do keep mine and Kathi M's bikes in unheated storage but I have never had my drive train ice up where it wouldn't shift. An ice bugger or two on the casette but nothing serious. I am probably jinxing myself but we ride overflow, shallow open water and deep snow in temps from above freezing to -40 without trouble. I think the key probably is (as AK Deluxe said) having the bike cold before you ride in snow. I have used Prolink chain lube for years and maybe that helps. However I am not riding in East Coast conditions. I use Sram twist shifters and I do change cables and housings every fall and do NOT lube the cables to keep everything shifting smoothly in the cold.

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    You might be asking the wrong crowd on this one. I've lived in upstate NY, not too far from the VT boarder and now in Anchorage. The icing problems are not that big of a deal up here. Its colder and dryer here. On the east coast stuff was always icing up on me and freezing and clogging. Including one ride where my riding partner iced up his rear hub so bad that the thing would freewheel in both directions. Nothing like that has happened to me up here. So you'll probably find a better answer locally.

    Good luck

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