Tscheezy, Simpterfex...anyone else over there. The wife and I are planning on heading over from Anc for a few days of mountain biking in mid-July. The preliminary plan has us not renting a car and getting around by bike. Decision to rent or bring bikes is still up in the air. It'd definitely be nice to have our own rides but at what cost? Sounds like 58North only has hardtails and from what I've seen, that might not cut it. We're not into crazy downhill/freeriding but I do enjoy a technical descent now and again.

  • Is 3-4 days sufficient for the "star attraction" trails?
  • What are the "star attraction" trails? Some of the stuff Tscheezy has posted over the years has looked awesome but I'm not clear if that's near town or if it's his own personal riding sanctuary/public trails.
  • Are we cheating ourselves by limiting our riding to trails around town?
  • Where the heck can I get some trail maps for bikes?
  • Any riding resources are welcome

..and so I return to MTBR after a ~5-6 year absence...Thanks!