Read this little blip in the ADN...-
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    Read this little blip in the ADN...

    Not trying to start anything. Just figured I'd post this up as it is bike related (and cars).

    Craig Medred wrote:

    "Better to bend metal than spill blood. Yes, I know, those damn bicyclists and pedestrians shouldn't be on, or even near, the road at all. Unfortunately, the law gives them the right to be there as long as they keep right as far as practically possible. Drivers have no more right to run them down than to run down any other slow-moving vehicle. Personally, I try to give them as much space as possible. When there's no oncoming traffic, I'll stray across the center line to give them extra room.

    Why? Because it's the polite thing to do. But, more than that, because cyclists can be unpredictable. Who knows, they could hit something and go down in the edge of my lane. I think it would be hard to live with hitting someone and killing them with your car, whether they are on a bike or on foot. But maybe that's just me. A lot of Alaskans seem to drive like they couldn't care less."

    It sounds like he's a little salty to bikes on the roads but does the right thing. Good on him for giving bikers their space.


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    Craig's a little "salty" toward just about everyone at one point or another, but he rides bikes, too. He often commutes to work on a bike, and I've known him to ride in the street even when there's an adjacent bike path available, because he thinks it's safer to cross an intersection with traffic instead of in a crosswalk.

    He's just a grumpy old cuss who likes making his point with a heavy dose of sarcasm.
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    that is true... i almost got hit 3 times crossing at a crosswalk. the light turned green, and the crosswalk said walk, i went to go, and the car just took off, even though i had the right away... then they just look at you like, what did i do???
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    I've ridden in allot of cities large and small and the drivers in anchorage, at least from my experiences, have little respect for cyclists. The "walk" at a crosswalk means nothing here.

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    I had some dumb broad on a cell phone pull right in front of me (she was going into the gas station just past the Seward Hwy). She was lucky I was on my way to the beer store or I would have gave her a verbal counseling session.

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