Question about Alaska bike purchase-
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    Question about Alaska bike purchase

    We are coming up again at the end of July to visit our son working in Talkeetna. He has pretty well settled in there and bought a piece of land about a mile out of town last year and we came up last summer and helped him build a little house(hope it is not too pretentious with its Tyvec siding).We sent his old mountain bike up 4 years ago but it seems to be on its last leg since he has not had great winter storage conditions his first few years.Spokes are breaking regularly so the wheelset is possibly in need of replacement and the bike has a lot of miles anyway.
    This is my quandary: My wife said "why don't I rent a bike in Anchorage to take out to Talkeetna to ride for the 10 days we are there?" The way I see it I would be better off to buy an inexpensive no frills bike in Anchorage and leave it with my son than to spend the rent as well as try to fix his wheels.My inclination is to do that and take an assortment of spokes from my LBS and see if I could also repair his wheels.
    My questions are:
    1)Is the environment there hard enough on things like spokes that I am pissing my time away once they have started to break?
    2)Wouldn't a SS and more so a SS 29er make a good commuter type bike around Talkeetna given the terrain there?
    3)Is there a particular bike shop I should contact for this type of bike?
    4)Do any of you have a used but reliable bike you are ready to sell that meets the description?

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    If the next bike is going to be left outside you might consider (1) buying something off of the Anchorage Craigslist;(2)bringing up a cheap set of wheels; or (3), buying a bike off of mtbr or ebay and hauling it up. There is a decent 29er SS for $329 on ebay (Motobecane Outcast) which might meet your needs. But buying new locally will set you back more $ than the other options.

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    If he's breaking spokes and rims...

    ...chances are he needs to tighten ALL the spokes on both wheels. I used to run my spokes looser and broke parts all the time. Now I use Bontrager Clyde rims and tight spokes... no problems.

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