Some worker bees have been making modifications to Queen Bee Loop. While the intent is appreciated, the work done actually creates water drainage problems. Specifically, there are 3 or 4 places where berms made from logs and dirt (others just dirt) have filled in drainages designed to move water off the trail tread. These berms might be fun to ride, but they aren't up to sustainability standards. The trails were designed by a skilled trail builder knowledgeable about drainage issues, and fine tuned by experienced, professional trail crews.

Banked turns are appropriate when water can be drained by cutting smooth "nicks" into the downhill side of the turn exit. The ad hoc banks created essentially fill in these nicks--the result will be pooled water and/or water running down the length of the tread.

It looks like someone put quite a bit of time and thought into making the changes so I'm sure that they meant well. Unfortunately these modifications will have to be removed. It would be great if whoever put these in would remove them.

Come on out during an official trail work day and learn from those who have taken the IMBA trail building course. We sure could use your energy. The more people we have who are up to speed on sustainable trail design, the better. In the future, any recommendations for changes to the trail tread should be discussed in advance with STA.

The next trail work day is on National Public Lands Day which is Saturday, September 26th. Stay tuned for details.