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    Night ride.

    Hello all!
    Lets try a night ride this FRIDAY night. Meet at the Abbott Road trail head next to Hilltop. Meet at 7pm. Will ride by 7:30. Pray for good weather. Randy will amaze us with stories of his sex adventures in Mexico. Bring your lights.


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    Wink [email protected] stories.......

    Quote Originally Posted by akdeluxe
    Hello all!
    Lets try a night ride this FRIDAY night. Meet at the Abbott Road trail head next to Hilltop. Meet at 7pm. Will ride by 7:30. Pray for good weather. Randy will amaze us with stories of his sex adventures in Mexico. Bring your lights.

    Have I got a stories.......about Endo...........
    Will be there depending on weather......maybe on my new HCR!
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    trail conditions report

    I was planning on joining the group for this Friday's nite ride, but since I've been out of town for a couple of weeks, I've been twitching to get out and ride and thought I'd scout out the trails for others that may join in. I finished with chores that were due, and thought I'd get a preview of what Fri may have in store.

    I just got in from a solo nite ride, hopping on the Gunnar since it had studded tires on it. I barely made it down the street from my house when I realized I made the right choice. From my house off Lake Otis, I hit the Abbott bike path, then went down the Abbott Loop soft trail to the Abbott Loop trailhead. Don't even think about riding bike paths to a trailhead unless you have studded tires! The light coating of snow on top of the frozen rain has created a treacherous surface.

    Once on the trails, I was pleasantly surprised how firmly the snow has set up already. It's not nearly as icy, but studded tires are still my recommendation. The Coyote Trail is smooth and fast, and as I turned up Viewpoint, I noted that it's condition is the and fun! I headed up Moose Meadows, still firm buy maybe a bit rougher. I couldn't believe how prime the trails were as I went on up Rover's Run. I fully expected to run into massive overflow on Rover's upper end, but none appeared. "Alright" I said to myself as I kept my momentum. I proceeded through both Bivouac parking lots, and neither had a single vehicle. As a matter of fact, I hadn't run into a single person yet.

    As I skirted the red gate at North Bivwac, my hardtail's rear end told me the trail surface started getting even rougher, still firm and fast, just dimpled from foot traffic during the last few days of soft snow. I decided at this juncture to continue to the far end of the Bog Loop, and run it counterclockwise. I was prepared to deal with lots of derailleur snagging twigs and blowdowns since we've had such windy conditions the last two days, but it was almost as if the wind detoured around the trail, it looked almost swept clean. Hardly any twigs, and no blowdowns. I did see two sets of bike tracks from prior riders, so if you were there before me and performed a little cleanup maintenance, thanks. It made my ride!

    All was going well until I came upon what appeared in the darkness to be water puddles, but the first three were firm enough to ride over. The fourth however, was massive, and had about four inches of slush as a surface. Watch out for this one about where Rio's Proliferation Trail starts.

    It didn't take much longer and I found myself making tracks through virgin snow on the last third of the loop. I was still surprised at how firm the conditions were. I was riding with Nokian's Hakka WXC tires, which are pretty narrow, mounted on regular rims, and never broke through. The Bog Loop was the roughest, with very scalloped contours, so I may put the studs on a FS tomorrow, but it's pleasant nonetheless.

    I retraced my same route to get home, and only ran into one other person walking his dogs as Moose Meadows meets Viewpoint. Stars were out, the temperature was really comfortable, my weeks old battery charge held up for my Nightrider, and the trails were all mine! Stud up the Loco Dave!

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    I'm game

    I looks like I will be able to make this night ride, weather permitting. Leo, I've never met you before, but Dave and Randy are no strangers to me. I look forward to meeting you and thanks for organizing the ride.

    I too was out riding last night and I can confirm Randy's trail report... it should be awsome.

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    Hmmm sounds tasty

    Thanks for the Recon Endo - I'll see if I can get a kitchen pass (if I tell my wife what I'm really doing I'll have to admit I'm using her WXC's and mount up some old 296's)

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    I'll try

    Don't know if I can make it by 7:30 but I'll do what I can. Don't wait for me. I'll be out on the trails tonight so I'll follow your tracks if I'm out around the time you folks are.


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    I'll be there,.. gotta try out my new bike computer,
    but I've been off my bike for two weeks now, so I might be riding slow.
    Or I might be fast..
    I dunno, I'm 'just finally recovered from bustin my a$$, after I caught too much air on my sled at Centenial Park a week & a half ago.
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