• 07-17-2008
    New hillside singletrack going in...
    and how! I've never seen such an industrial style for trail cutting.
    Two people and a personal hydro-axe. Yikes.
    I hope it is a great trail and it flows like cold beer.
  • 07-19-2008
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    Originally Posted by adamrobinson
    I hope it is a great trail and it flows like cold beer.

    Oh it'll flow alright! :thumbsup:

    I went for a ride this evening thinking I'd make my way up the hillside to check out the trailbuilding progress. As I was climbing Spencer and hit High Point, I took the singletrack connector that was part of the 24 hour course, to veer over to Upper Llama, figuring I'd then ride up the gasline until I met new trail. I barely got onto the singletrack when and I crossed a new rough cut trail, obviously evidence of the Sweco's swath.

    Just for curiosity I thought I'd walk it a bit to get a feel for its character, and already I'm jazzed! It's continuously swoopy, twisty, curvy, and rolling. Even though it was still the first pass, you could get a vision for the inherent flow. Troy and Jon are doing a super job.

    I then ran into Jon, AkDeluxe, and Queen Bee. I had to give them all a pat on the back for how well its turning out. And for the progress up to now! Wow, they are moving along at a pace I truly didn't expect. And it has a feel that's sure to invoke a perma-grin!

    At that juncture we were almost at the limit of their progress, and then walked back to the starting point. It's amazing how much trail is roughed in already, and the potential for a ton of fun became obvious as we walked the section that's had two passes with the Sweco and some follow-up with the excavator. A bit more hand finish work and it'll surely result in the flowing and twisty personality people have asked for. I admit, this is getting really exciting!

    There will definitely be some help needed starting Monday or so. I'm sure Janice will have more details, but folks with loppers to cut out overhanging brush, maybe some rakes to help smooth out trail, and general tidying up will all be appreciated. Come out and take some ownership in trails you helped to make possible!

    Maybe there should be a call to arms in a few weeks for all those with FatBikes to ride and pack it down with smooth Endomorphs for a few days! It's all pretty soft yet.

    Here's a few shots, Jon and Troy in action, and QB and AD checking out the progress at the entrance sign just off upper Gasline. After this brief visit, I'm stoked.
  • 07-19-2008
    Thanks for the encouragement Endo. Yes,I have to agree with Endo, the new trail is going to be a lot of fun! Between QB,Endo and myself,we have seen a lot of miles of trails over the years in and out of Alaska,and this one will be as fun as any. Thanks to Endo again for pushing and not riding his bike on the unfinished trail. As tempting as it may be,it is not ready. Also,the machinery used to build the trail can be very dangerous to people not famil with its operation. The Swaco and other equipment used can and do move in all directions very quickly and without warning. If you get run over,both your legs will be crushed and you will be unable to enjoy the new trail. So,for now, unless you are helping with the trail construction,STA asks you to please stay off the trail until it is completed. You will be pleased when it is finished! If you want to contribute,contact QB or myself.

  • 07-21-2008
    do you predict you will still need help in September??
  • 07-21-2008
    Queen Bee
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    Volunteer Work
    There is a youth crew working on the trail this week and the next, so it's pretty crowded with 21 bodies. The kids are doing a great job. This is the Youth Employment in Parks crew that the Muni runs--mostly disadvantaged teens learning how to work hard in the outdoors. One of the cool things about this project is involving youth. The September crew is from the Student Conservation Alliance--also disadvantage youth out trying to be productive. We have the SCA crew for 3 weeks in September.

    In between time we will have volunteer work parties to lop roots, fix drainage, contour trails and add interesting obstacles (rocks, logs, etc.). I'll issue a call for volunteers when the time is right.

    Thanks for your interest, everyone!