Out with Alaska Trails today working in Chugach State Park on the Middle Fork Trail. Good some good work done. Rerouted the trail just before the bridge where you used to come down a rather steep abrupt chute for a 90 degree turn onto the narrow bridge, which definitely didn't work out some of the time. Re-routed the trail to make a better approach. We also walked to the "big hill", which has a nice bench-cut around the hill, instead of straight up, which would be impossible at times in the winter. There are still a lot of improvements planned, but they are steadily making progress on this trail to make it better.

National Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14463258_10100913347371738_4587283935774688880_n.jpgNational Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14369901_10100913347232018_3808065631980453657_n-1-.jpgNational Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14449003_10100913347261958_6858117597844060678_n-1-.jpgNational Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14390986_10100913347456568_6864461170640907514_n.jpgNational Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14390927_10100913347271938_3441095521053821745_n.jpgNational Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14469647_10100913347316848_6857862172155446312_n.jpgNational Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14448943_10100913347406668_6604216798027151927_n.jpgNational Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14441059_10100913347296888_5389329109332767146_n.jpgNational Public Lands Day (Middle Fork)-14440990_10100913347356768_1691919709973966166_n.jpg