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    Min. PSI for Pugsley?

    Hey ya'll pug riders out there... I recently took my pug out for a fully loaded 3 day snow machine trail trip. I ran really low pressures in my tires for traction and was worried throughout the trip that i might be damaging the sidewalls. Anyone have experience running really low pressures for a long time? Does the bulging of the sidewalls of the endomorphs ruin them (like nokians)? If so, what kind of longevity are you getting out of them... what pressures... Thanks.

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    Yes indeed the low pressure takes its toll on the sidewalls. Other endo threads on this forum are more descriptive but I'll give my 2 cents.
    Put it in a positive light, instead of judging your Endo durability by treadwear, which is little on snow/sand, think of it as sidewall-wear. I've gotten hundreds of miles on endos with psi so low I'd rather not know or be able to measure, just enough to keep from rimming out.
    Rotate tires once in awhile as the rear drive tire is much more susceptable to wear. Also your tubes wear to little minibits inside the tire so keep an eye on them.

    If you are heavy and or riding loaded Pugs a lot at low psi then your wear will be more.

    In summer I put on the highly-used sidewall tires and wear em some more at higher pressure when I'm not worried about freezing/stranding with a blown tire. They sometimes look pretty bad but still hold up OK as long as you haven't really ripped the bead.

    Pretty sure there's some folks testing those sidewalls today out slogging west of Knik. Maybe we'll hear some good stories.
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