Mechanical Disc cable setup for winter-
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    Mechanical Disc cable setup for winter

    I have been using Hydraulics for that last few years. Moving to cable actuated BB7 mech discs on a new winter fat bike build and I am curious to hear what are others using for cables/housing? Full runs of xt/xtr housing, flak jacket, full metal jacket? Thanks in advance for any insight?

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    as long as you are using full runs, most good quality brake housing will work fine. if you have split cable stops on your frame, the flak jacket is good, but the exposed orange cable sheathing gets brittle over time and will crack. haven't used the full metal jacket, but i have heard that it is an improvement in stiffness over standard housing. if you have the $$$, the nokon cable sets are the bomb. i bought one for my rear bb7 4 years ago and improvement in braking was noticeable. i've since bitten the bullet and put nokon cables on the front and on my derailleurs. this was 2 years or so back, and the price has really gone up since then. i've been looking to add nokon's to my wife's bike, and have been shopping around and universal cycles in portland orygun have a good price you may need to buy an extension kit(or two) for the rear brake.

    they are a bit of a pain in the a$$ to install, it's a bit like making a bead necklace, only easier. just make sure all the segmented pieces are tight together. the anodized finish has faded in some spots, and the aluminum beads can creak after several wet, muddy rides, but if you drizzle a little lube on them and wipe the excess, the creaking will stop.
    aside from that, you will probably never have to mess with your cables again. since putting them on my shifters, i've never had any issues, even after mutiple muddy, wet rides.

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    I'll second the flak jacket orange plastic housing getting brittle over time -- I usually replace that section of the housing every year or so.

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    If you want to save a little weight as well as a little money, consider only running the rear brake. Most of the winter riding is relativly flat XC type stuff and the fatty tires at low pressure tend to roll slow enough that merely coasting is plenty to control speed. Plus, using too much front brake in certain situations will cause the front tire to wash out fairly easy in snowy conditions.
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    Still on the fence about adding a front brake...but it sounds like your perspectives regarding housing is right in line of where I am thinking; as long as it is full housing either cable housing will work well.

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