Maybe dumb tire question-
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    Maybe dumb tire question

    I mounted the Endomorph tire so that the point of the chevron-like tread faces to the rear of the bike when viewed from the top. The reasoning is that the larger surface area of the tread knobs will face to the rear when the tire rotates to the ground, enhancing traction under power (the tread knobs taper towards the point of the chevron). The photos I see of other bikes have the chevron pointing forward when viewed from the top, meaning that the chevron faces rearward when it meets the ground.

    Which is correct, and why?


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    You usually mount it so the chevron points forward when viewed down from above at the top of the tire. This is so the "point" makes ground contact first and squishes any goo out from under the tire as it rolls, rather than capturing goo between the tire and the ground.

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    I run mine like Nanuq runs his, and most of the people I know do the same. Considering the shallow tread, though, I'm not sure there's much to the argument that the chevrons force out the goo. Maybe, maybe not.

    The question of how to mount the tires came up a few weeks ago during another exchange in which I was involved. One guy said they should be mounted differently front and rear, so I contacted the folks at Surly to learn the "correct" way to mount Endos. Here's the response I got back from the guy who was answering tech-related e-mails that day:

    "Honestly, it probably doesn't matter a whole bunch. One of our guys here does run the rear tire with the chevrons facing rear (when looking at the top of the tire) and the front in the more traditional way. Even he doesn't really think it makes much difference.

    "I say do it however you like. I run mine like you do."
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    I also called Surly today, and got the same answer you did ;-) I guess I'm not changing the one I mounted until it seems not to work - too much work!

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    Some humor

    It would be funny if everyone on this forum called or emailed Surly and asked how to run their endomorphs.

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    I run my front with the arrows pointed forward (when viewed from above) and the rear tire in the reverse direction. I have noticed better traction in the rear with the rear tire oriented in this way, I think for the reasons NHPug speculated. The flat edges of the lugs are the ones grabbing the ground under drive forces. The difference wasn't huge, but in snow every little bit counts.
    My video techniques can be found in this thread.

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