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    Upset This makes me sick!

    I am reading the paper this morning and came across this article "Police hunt suspect who shot woman on bike trail" That could of been any one of us. Stuff like this makes me sick! What the hell is wrong with people?

    I wish the woman a speedy recovery and too everyone that commutes and uses these trails be careful.

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    It happened down in Seattle recently too...twice. Two commuters were shot w/ guns loaded w/ BBs (not real bullets like the young woman here on Sunday). The first one happened to Peter McKay early in November. You can read about it here:

    There's been quite an uproar, and pretty good coverage in the local papers down there.

    I hope this isn't a new trend targeting random innocent people.

    This doesn't speak well for our town. I ride that route regularly too. I hope she's better quickly.


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    Yup, just read about this, feel so bad this happens in our town. Hope you feel better!

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    Great... that doesn't fair well for my morning commute. Guess I won't be biking to work for a couple of days.

    Some people......

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    Don't worry guys and gals, APD is hot on the trail.

    (I think I'd rather have Inspector Clouseau looking for the guy though)
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    some good news

    Looks like they caught the dude. They think he is the machete guy, and resposible for the young gal getting shot. They think he shot the UAA guy to death in his truck early Sunday by SBS. Hopefully it's the same guy- that would be a major clean up in one swoop. I heard rumours that he shot somebody else on the Eastside this morning and that's where they got him. I also heard he worked at Walmart and the Christmas music drove him to it.
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    Good thing 'cause I was planning on riding Chester Creek tomorrow night - if I saw him out there, i'd have to break out my mad numb-chuck skills. First night ride in 3 years since I moved up here from Spokane - charging the lights right now - hope they work Met some cool people at the Frigid Bits Pre-Ride on Saturday & had a good time. Kind of a test of the lights to see if they're still up-to-par for the Frigid Bits ride Friday night. If you want to join me on an easy ride tomorrow evening to Goose Lake & back, PM me or show up at 6:00ish.
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