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    Lots of horses and hunters on resurrection pass?

    Hey folks,
    Headed off to do the pass this weekend. My dad got a report that the trail is quite torn up from horses and hunters. Has anyone been on it recently? Any reports would be awesome. We are going north to south.

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    Lots of horses and hunters on resurrection pass?

    Lots of horse poop lots of mud. Lots of technical mountain biking. I picked the wrong line of a few times and got thrown. Trail is mix of big rocks, a few sections of big pedal catch roots if you aren't careful. Mud from deep super wet to really thin clay like on top type. All in and all had a great time. Trail is rated as easy! Not sure if I buy that? Couple of mix ups going across bridges and you are going in be in trouble or slide around a down hill turn and off a very steep canyon ledge
    Just my opinion further talk on this would be awesome.

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    North to South I find the climb up from Hope is very long, a few steep sections for sure, but little in the way of technical, mainly it's the distance that will get you I think, big heavy bikes do you no favors, but if you make sure to refuel and keep hydrated, I'd imagine it passes just fine. Once you are up near the pass there are a couple short tech sections on the other side, usually only a few hundred feet though. Pedal catchers are around the area of the pass and the descent down to Swan Lake. There is the cutoff that IS technical, but not so much the main trail. Then it's slogging it out on the flats back to the last downhill, but that part can seem to go on forever IME. I haven't ridden the whole thing on a FS bike, Cooper to pass and back on rigid a few times and Hope to pass and back on FS. Rigid is rigid though, so it makes what would be a mellow descent an arduous and painful thing. There isn't much "relaxing" and the smallest bumps are magnified. Most of the "technical" I've ran into on the peninsula seems to be limited to fairly small areas or short trails, and otherwise nothing that compares to South Mountain or Goat Camp.

    Heavy bike + rigid takes it's toll on this trail, at least that was my experience, and it's a decent distance for sure. "Easy" is relative. With the right conditions it could be a nightmare.
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    Difficulty ratings are entirely subjective. If you have a lot of experience riding very technical, rocky/rooty terrain, Res Pass will seem like beginner/very easy. The distance, and being loaded up with touring gear, can easily ramp up the apparent technicality of any trail.

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    Yeah. That trail on a hard tail 29'r, riding one way, is about a 4.5 hour day. (For some people). That trail on a 26" bike in decent conditions can take 12 hours (for some people, like the first time I ever did it.)

    Like Sean said, depends on who you are. Perspective is everything. My perspective of your pic is that you are loaded pretty heavily and it wouldn't be very fun (for me) to ride that trail (or any trail) with all that stuff.
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