• 09-28-2008
    Queen Bee
    Let's Open More Trails in Chugach

    A good discussion is going on a different thread that deserves a mention regarding open trails in Chugach State Park. There's an opportunity for us--we just need to weigh in:

    If you want more trails open to mt. bikes, both summer and winter, then you MUST comment to this effect while the Chugach State Park Master Plan and CSP Trails Plan are being revised! Three points to consider are: 1) CSP should accommodate mountain bikers as a legitimate user group by opening more trails to their use; 2) existing trails should be revised or rerouted to make them more sustainable; 3) new sustainable trails should be designed and installed to accommodate all user groups. Go to the link below for more information, and email the CSP planning facilitator, Monica Alvarez to submit your comments.

  • 09-28-2008
    Also, even though it sin't really enforced, I ran into CSP ranger Tom Crockett last week and he encourage us to leave comments about opening trails that are tradtionally closed to mtb'ers during the winter season. It was not an intended exclusion, it just wasn't going on when the original plan was developed. He said that it is understood that the potential for damage from bikes during snow cover is almost 0 but the letter of the law still says no bikes. This is something that would be easy to gain.