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    Knik directions

    I was thinking of biking to the glacier on Thursday before work at 1200. Looks like skate skiing is out with the lack of snow is some parts.

    One of you kind gents who has done this ride before be able to give me directions and distance from the parking lot?? Start at the Jim Creek parking lot off Sullivan road and follow the bike tracks?


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    I'll help

    Mike, I've been waiting for somebody with more experience to weight in here. I guess they're all out, getting ready for spring.

    I haven't riden in from the Jim Creek side. My trips have started out from down the Knik River Road. This last trip (in early March) we started at the "boat launch" at mile 5.8. Watch for the big sign on the left. Park at the edge of the road (the pull-in is snow bound) and walk your bike down to the river. Estimate 15 miles, one way to the glacier from here.

    The entire riverbed is covered with a warm event compacted layer of snow with a couple of inches of newer snow on top. Depending on the daytime high the compacted layer could start to soften where normal MTB tires would sink. Fat tire bike recommended.

    Hope you get out there. If you do, post up a ride report.

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    Knik directions

    I also started from the Knik River road just shy of the boat ramp at a little pullout with room for two cars on the north side of the road. The trouble with starting from this side this time of year is crossing a couple of big river channels that might get slushy with thaw temps. What we did from there was cross to the north side while heading generally towards the glacier. We were counting on seeing bike tracks but there is enough 4 wheeler traffic that bike tracks seem to get wiped out pretty quickly. Follow the "ice road" on the north side and it'll take you where you want to go. Sounds like there is still plenty of 4 wheeler traffic, I saw a report in the paper yesterday about a heli rescue out there for a 4 wheeler that ran out of gas. Oops. Good luck and let us know about the conditions, I'd love to do the ride again if the conditions are right.

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