Another outstanding brevet this weekend on the Kenai!

We had riders from Anchorage, Homer, and Kenai show up. There were some go-fast roadies/triathletes, familiar faces from the Homer 200K, and even some riders riding their first-ever brevet.

The scenery was splendid, the course hit some beautiful winding backroads, the hills were moderate, and the afternoon winds made you dig deep.

Results are posted HERE.

The few photos I managed to get are HERE.

All the details you need to know for the May 17th Mat Valley 200K are HERE.

Come join us on our next 200K. The new Mat Valley 200K course will have some new roads and touch on some old favorites from Bob's Valley 300K course. (Tip: program the phone # of the Motherlode in your cell phone so you can order ahead!)

Looking forward to seeing you there!