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    Jeff Dusenbury

    A lot of people have been asking how to show support for Jeff Dusenbury this week. As many of you know the trial is at 1pm this Friday at the Boney courthouse in room 30 and we'd like as many people to come as possible!! If you have a shirt from the Jeff Dusenbury sweat fest or the "why suffer a little when you can suffer a lot", or just any bike jersey we'd greatly appreciate it if you wore it to court. We all know by now that Bill Ingaldson and even the ADA Clint Campion (who is suppose to represent Jeff) are not giving Jeff the Justice that we all know Jeff deserves they are basically let Alexandria Ellis get away with murdering Jeff so please come if you can and if you can't at least share this post!

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    Friday in court started out extremely shitty listening to that scum bag Bill Evilson attempt to drag Jeff through the mud with lies. Putting the victim on trial is the lowest form of defense and it showed. Luckily everyone could see what a joke it was and the entire defense and the defendant looked and sounded like heartless trash that refuse to take responsibility for her actions in killing Jeff. Melissa Holder and myself took to the stand to set the record straight completely knocking them on their asses. The judged ruled today that the case will began again on this Wednesday at 9:00am in the same court room #30 in the Boney courthouse. The judge said that this case will decided that day, no more delays! Thank God! We are down to the final day so please if you can, show up and support Melissa and Madisen. If not please keep them in your prayers, especially Madisen who still is set to give her difficult impact statement. Please share this post!

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