Its Frigid Bits Season!! Time for grinin, ridin,swillin and a grillin !


Well, the first frost has graced our wonderful trails which is a sure sign that the Frigid Bit Series is just around the corner. The 2009-2010 series wil be the fourth year !! So, the first ride will occur on Saturday night, October 17th.
It will be the Hakk Lugi Loop !
Here is the stuff you will need to know !
Helmets are required.
Lights are recommended.
Start at 7 PM-- October 17th
Where: Goose Lake Parking Lot
Pre-Ride meeting: 6:45
Also, if you have your number from last year bring that to, if you rode the 2009 Soggy Bottom your number is free, otherwise it's $2.00 for your Frigid Bits number.
Goose Lake Parking Lot>Tudor Overpass Bridge> Tour Of Anchorage > Left on Speedway,> right on Moose Medows do a right turn onto Black Bear turn left on Brown Bear ride up and then ride over to Rovers> left onto to Moose Medows< right on View Point > Tour of Anchorage> cross the Tudor Overpass Bridge and back to Goose Lake parking Lot.
The course will not be marked, it will be the riders responsibility to be familiar with the course.
Also in the Frigid Bits tradition, a grill will be there and please bring food and beer to share !!!

There may be a recreational flock ride if either the Princess of Spin or the Bishop of the Church of the Spin and Grin are willing will do the honors of leading the mellow velo riders to and perhaps from the dark wilderness. I'm sure that either one may be bribed with some beer or Wild Turkey.
I'm sure that if you prefer to join the mellow flockers getting lost will not be a problem, its the getting found part that may be a challenge !
Please use this thread for questions
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