INTRO and Campbell creek trail commute-
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    INTRO and Campbell creek trail commute

    Hi, I am new to Anchorage and will be using the Campbell Creek trail for my commute to work. Unfortunately, my shift ends late at night and I was wondering if this trail is safe to commute back home. Any comments on this trail?

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    I don't currently live in Anchorage, but during my time there did a late night commute on the Campbell Creek Trail at night. Perhaps the area has changed from a law enforcement standpoint, but during my time there it was fine relative to people.

    That said, get a solid front light, and better yet a helmet light too. a set that will fully light your way. Past sundown it is moose-o-clock, and they disappear in the middle of the trail without light. In mY opinion, accidentally hitting a 1000lb animal with a flair for standing on you until the squirming stops, is the biggest safety issue.

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    Then there are the 1000 pounders that eat you while you're still squirming. Sorry I couldn't resist. That trail should be pretty safe period.
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    For the most part the MU trails in Anchorage are pretty safe. However there have been some isolated incidents of people being assaulted while cycling on the trail (namely myself).
    These trails get a fair amount of traffic, even later at night. I think the more cyclists using the trails the safer they will be.
    My advice would be to make sure you stay aware of others on the trail and always have a cell phone in close reach. Bear spray is not a bad idea either to have on hand in the off chance of a bad encounter with wildlife or lowlife.
    Despite all of that I think you are much more likely to be seriously injured in or by a motor vehicle than get hurt on the trail, so the MU trails are a great way to go.

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    I've commuted by bike for five years using both the Chester and Campbell Creek trails. Not late at night, but early, early mornings. I've never had any issue with people on the trails. I'll echo what others have said - get lights, front and rear. Have your cell handy. Carry bear spray. Watch for the animals. Moose are the bigger threat than bears overall, simply because there are many more of them around. Also make sure to carry a repair kit and know how to do basic repairs - chain breaks and such, especially if you commute during winter as there are sections of the trail where it is a fairly long walk to the nearest roadway or bus stop.

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    Wait till you see all the people clipping intersections and driving/ramming into the sidewalk while trying to drive on the snow/ice. Keep your eyes open any time you're close to a road while biking or walking/running. I've commuted during most of 2 winters, staying mostly on paths (most next to a road) and never had any big problems. I did get hit once by a car, but it wasn't bad. There are usually people out at most hours doing stuff, although if you are getting later than 9pm, it does start to get a little sparse in some places. The city paths here are better than many cities, so we got that going for us. Rider traffic is pretty decent, again above average IMO. There are a few areas that might be worse than others, but Campbell is pretty decent, no real "bad" spots there. I wouldn't hesitate to do it, in fact I have quite a few times. Some of the other paths have some significant homeless camp areas and go through a few sketchier neighborhoods, although you don't really notice it on the trail.
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    Campbell trail experiences

    I'm a many year bike commuter who uses Campbell creek year 'round to work. I ride through there 5:30am and 5pm. In winter I'm always frustrated by never getting first tracks! That should tell you something.
    More than a few times I've been out later on the trail, once at 11:30pm on a Saturday night. Drunks and homeless shenanigans going on, rode through a cloud of spray paint under a bridge as the artist stumbled away blinded by my light. I was proud of my city to have such a vibrant night-life!
    I've never felt threatened, but like was said above, when riding I have my game face on due to dealing with auto traffic when sharing the roads. I stay aware and keep an eye on all trail users, not necessarily for security's sake, but dogs, kids, runners listening to tunes.
    I also have felt concerned a couple times in the early am when I pass a young, cute runner, and then a rough looking "camper". I slow or stop a ways away to not freak out the runner, but still in sight to make sure all remains cool. Rarely, if ever, have I heard of issues on the trail - even though it passes a couple/three semi-permanent camps.
    Agree with the moose awareness stated already, I've been diverted by mom moose a half dozen times and passed nonchalant steaming bulls several times.
    In summary - It's a great avenue, magical really. Ditto on the head/tail lamp, moose awareness.
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    Thanks everybody for your replies!
    I just got shifted to the morning shift.

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