Iditasport training overnight camping trip December 27th-28th, 2014. If you are thinking about signing up for the Iditasport race or already have signed up, this is a great opportunity to get your gear and yourself ready. This free class is set up to help with all of your questions and gear setup! The instructors have over 50 years combined experience of winter outdoor adventuring--let us help you! Kincaid Park Chalet 2 pm, there we will get our gear arranged and then set out around 3-3:30 pm. RSVP REQUIRED: Arctic Cycles--(907) 351-8545 or [email protected]Iditasport Overnight Dec. 27-28th 2014-img_4835.jpgIditasport Overnight Dec. 27-28th 2014-img_0042.jpgIditasport Overnight Dec. 27-28th 2014-img_0006.jpg