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    Hydro Power Idea to Possibly Impact some Kenai Peninsula Trails

    I am a big fan of alternative energy, and environmentalism but his just sounds like a bad plan all around:


    Crescent & Carter Lake Trails would be impacted, and Ptarmigan Creek Trail would become a road.


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    Slippery slope argument. I'd hate to see bikers labelled as NIMBY's. How about hydro AND re-routing of trails, rather than an outright "no" position. Just a thought.

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    Dont' even...

    Don't even go there Chris...

    I just paid over 1200.00$ for 200 gallons of stove oil here in Bethel. It's -25dF and who knows how long that 200 gal will last.

    Build some infrastructure in Alaska, a damn dam...what'eva...I say we do what it takes to raise the quality of living for all alaskans... and while we're at it...extend the power grid over in the direction of SW Alaska.

    If new infrastructure vs. a couple trails really chaps your ass...lets trade off...give the dam a go, or fence-up some of that Cook Inlet tidal, plant more wind farms, hey, we could cover one of those hillside mountain-sides with NanoTech wind generators or PV cells...then, I'll personally pay you're way out here and even lend you a bike...you can ride the thousands of miles of winter trails we have access to...much cheaper for me in the long run.

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    So, Martin, how do you really feel? I don't bother buying fuel...I just sit and stare at my Fatback...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy...seems like work has been sidelining my riding plans all too often lately... Serriously though, A friend of mine works as an aide to a State Representative from a bush community. After the avalanche took out Juneau's power last year and they had to resort to burnin dinosaurs, there was talk of declaring a state of emergency in Juneau because of the cost of electrons. The overwhelming response from the bush senators and representatives was, reportedly, very nearly identical to yours...I suppose you could put your pugs or wildfire on a stationary trainer and power an electrical heater if fuel's got you down...

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    @ Damnit

    Mike...like the idea...hell...as wanting as Bethel is for social activities...we could have 'power parties'...kinda like Mary Kay, Inc does...we'll all bring our fatbikes to a compadre's house and sit around in a wired 'stationary spinning circle'...when their batteries are full, we'll move on to the next home and 'power party' again...I like it.

    Now that's socially conscious cycling...

    Serious...build alternative power infrastructure in Alaska, now. Clean water and air is our god given right...so is a warm home!


    Quote Originally Posted by damnitman
    I suppose you could put your pugs or wildfire on a stationary trainer and power an electrical heater if fuel's got you down...

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