• 06-09-2008
    Hosted a touring cyclist last night
    I met Mark outside the Bicycle Shop yesterday. He had a sweet, brand-new looking Waterford (which I later found out has over 30,000 miles on it and was just repainted) and was loaded with Ortlieb bags. He's 56 and starting a trip from Prudhoe Bay to Tierra del Fuego. He's a pretty cool dude and very inspiring. He did Prudhoe Bay to Key West a couple years ago.

    I took him to the house and let him drop his bags off and then I took him around Anchorage and showed him the city. We went down to the market and ran into Pat Irwin. I actually had never met him in person so that was cool.

    Anyway, it was great having Mark over and being able to give him a place to crash and get a warm shower. Hopefully karma will pay off when I'm out on the road one day.

    Here's his website that he'll be trying to update regularly:


    Drop him a line in his guest book if you wish!
  • 06-10-2008
    thats what I'm talking about!
    Awesome - thanks for sharing the story!