• 07-17-2008
    Fat Chick
    Horse poop discussion on ADN.com
    For what it's worth, the ADN horse blog has a discussion going on horse poop on the trails. Here on ADN http://community.adn.com/adn/node/127152

    Not that they care whether others don't like horse poop, but a forum for comment is a forum for comment.
  • 07-17-2008
    Excellent find! Thanks for the link.
  • 07-17-2008
    Trail user issues
    I like the link. Something will need to happen.
    I am visiting this summer, used to live here, and have seen no improvements in etiquette from horse riders. Poo is an obvious issue. It is gross, and not healthy, but it is organic at least. Those beasts have been crapping for millions of years, only in the last two decades has it started to get flung in our face from tires.
    The trail issue that gets me is that the Anchorage mtb scene gets hammered from all sides (sometimes deservedly) about trail use. But I have seen no one outside of this forum call out horses for riding too early in the spring, riding around mud, and recently riding trails not designed for them. You guys (Being a non-gender specific term! I saw how far off that FNBP thread was hijacked!) have got to get the general public to be on your side. I was glad to leave AK when I couldn't ride most of the llama trail's roots b/c horses were churning the mud between the roots thus leaving them taller and taller above the trail's tread.
    My last bone to pick: I'm glad to see winter biking taking off here. I hope someday you (gulp) guys have the ability to beat the nordic club off their high horse. (pun intended)
    Skiers- "Wah Wah, skinny tires ruin our pristine trails"
    Bikers- "Yeah we ruin their pristine trails... oh well, better stay home."
    Ride your bikes in the winter! Ride them all the time!
    Just don't berate each other and let your needs get pushed aside or covered in horse crap.
    Thanks, Adam