Down here in the OC we get snow maybe a few times a year in our cute little Santa Ana Mountains in our back yard. Not the same league as Alaska by a long shot, but hey, snow biking is snow biking, and while I posted my video below to the So Cal forum I wanted to share it with people who know snow biking.

I got a Wildfire Designs Fatbike mostly for riding the beach, but I take every chance I can to take it up in the snow. I am a dealer but not a Fatbike dealer, I just love Mark's bikes and want a chance to show it off and let everyone know how well these bikes work.

One thing that is different about snow biking here vs. Alaska is the kind of snow, I am sure. It never gets all that cold so the snow always packs a little, which takes a lot more energy to ride in. In some places it had refrozen a bit and was a much nicer surface, but there was precious little of it.

It is full 1080p, recorded with a ContourHD 1080p helmet mounted camera, edited with AVS software and music per the credits at the end.

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