Grizzly bear spotted at Hilltop-
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    Grizzly bear spotted at Hilltop

    LoafyD, akdeluxe, and I had arranged to meet at Hilltop ski area parking lot this morning to ride together for a few hours. LoafyD called and said he'd be delayed a bit, so we hung about, catching up because akdeluxe and I hadn't seen each other in quite some time. While BS'ing, I caught some movement along one of the ski slopes, and there was a big healthy griz grazing, slowly making his way uphill. He was on the slope just to the left (north) of the ski jump, maybe 9:30am..

    There were also some equestrians unloading a couple of four-horse trailers in the parking lot, and the noise they created alerted the bear. He stopped grazing then and made his way into an island of trees and disappeared.

    Only a few minutes later, a moose cow with a tiny newborn calf came running down the same slope, I mean really cruising. There was no bear giving chase, so we wondered if possibly the cow originally had two calves, and one was taken down. If so, it's definitely an area to avoid. If not, lucky moose, that was a close call.

    We warned dogwalkers and runners in the area to be aware. If you decide to ride that area, say climbing Llama, be on the lookout. Bears could be anywhere, and they probably are everywhere, we just never see them, but in this case there may be a kill area to avoid.

    We decided to ride lower hillside trails and had a great time despite our original plans getting detoured. A few pics of the bridge crossing on Blue Dot.

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    I heard a man talking on a cell phone saying a bear was chasing people near the ski jumps at the base of the ski jumps. Yep,chasing people. Not good if true. I did not see a bear run after people,I just heard it happened. The man on the phone wasn't running in place or a radio talk show host,so I guess I believe him. I plan on staying away from the ski jumps for a few days. Happy Trails!

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