This guy really needs to get some lights. It was really hard to see him coming up the sidewalk in the rainy darkness. Luckily, I am cautious pulling out onto Lake Otis from my road but a lot of the other morons in my neighborhood aren't. A headlight would have caught my attention. After he passed it was near impossible to see him from the rear.

Make yourself seen my man! You don't want some ass clown hitting you which seems to be happening a lot around town lately.

As always, be careful out there.

By the way, I covered most of my frame/racks/fenders with this stuff:

My bike glows now!

"Donít look in your corner hardware store for it. Instead, look closely at the surface of highway or industrial warning signs, and youíll see the unique, hexagonal pattern of adhesive lines that identifies 3M SOLAS (Safety Of Life At Sea) Grade Reflective. This grid bonds a clear, protective layer over the reflective glass microbeads so the reflective power isnít reduced in wet conditions. SOLAS Grade reflective is slightly stretchy, making it ideal for application to curved surfaces like helmets. One of the most intense retro-reflectives in the world. Trims easily to any shape. Silver color. 2' long by 2" wide."