Frosty Fat Bike Pre ride-
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    Frosty Fat Bike Pre ride

    If this post sounds like a commercial for Arctic Cycles and Fat Bike Rental, I won't apologize because they hooked me up with a Fat Bike Rental that I'm going to ride in the Frosty Bottom 50 this Saturday, and without that ride I would be lucky to finish the 25. So I really hope this post helps them rent every bike (except the one I'm using).

    I did a Frosty 50 pre ride on Sunday and a backwards (from Service) 25 mile version on Saturday. On the Saturday ride I rode my old Cannondale no suspension bike with skinny Nokians and it beat the hell out of me. It was almost not fun. I was glad when I finally reached the chalet so I could call the rescue squad (the missus) to pick me up.

    Sunday was a different story, though. Sunday I rode the full 50 (54+ because the Kincaid gate is locked if you show up that early) and it was dreamy because I was riding an Arctic Cycles Fat Bike Rental (Surly Pugsley equipped with Snow Cats and Endomorphs) 907-351-8545.

    On Saturday, I was hating life at the end of a grueling ride and on Sunday, at the end of 50+, I felt like I could easily pedal back to Dubchester Lagoon. I rode that big Fat Tire Bike the whole way because it just floated through those areas of sugar-like snow where the beef-challenged Cannondale with skinny tires dug in like a garden tool.

    I can't afford the $2,000+ it costs to get a nice Fat Bike, but Arctic Cycles and Fat Bike Rental was there to help me get on the trail. They have a fleet of these things that they will set up to match your needs and they have great rates for everything, too. You can rent for one day, but with a 20% weekend discount, and a 25% weekly discount (approximately), it's easy to get one and train for biking events affordably. If you go on one of the guided trips they have, they'll take a bunch of pictures and give you a CD with all of the photos on it.

    This is a great way to rent a bike if you are interested in buying one from one of the other local shops (Arctic Cycles does not sell bikes or anything else) or if you are from out of town and want to ride in an event, but don't want to lug your ride up here, you know you'll be able rent top notch equipment at super affordable prices.

    I'm not going to tell you how long it took me to finish either ride, but I will tell you that the Sunday ride was barely longer than the Saturday ride, and it was all due to the Arctic Cycles Fat Wheel Bike Rental (907) 351-8545. You can check out their web site, too. You'll see you can rent other types of bikes for summer riding, tandems, etc.

    I went with Billy on the Sunday trip and he took a ton of photos. I'm bummed because this is my first post here and I don't quite know how to attach any of the shots. Once I can figure it out, I'll post them. The other thing is that this is the third time I have written this post and somehow I keep accidentally deleting it. So, I'm going to go ahead and post this while I'm ahead.

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    Frosty Fat bike pre-ride photos

    Allen--that was fun! Here are some photos--Billy
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    Thanks, Billy.

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