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    Frosty Bottom Results...

    It was freakin' freezing out there, Mr. Bigglesworth! We're thinking of changing the name of the event to The Frosty Nads 50/25. Coming down the Chalet Hill, I stole a glance over my shoulder. It looked like a torch-light parade of bikes coming down the trail. Very cool!

    Thanks to everyone who came out today. Results are now posted:

    Thanks Rio for braving the cold weather and helping out. I'm not sure how many hours you stood in the freezing cold, but your help was most appreciated.

    Special thanks to Tim Kelly for saving my sorry bacon at Westchester. As I warmed up in his car, I think I ate half his lunch, drank all his Lipton Lite Ice Teas, and probably left crumbs all over the place. Needless to say, I consider that "Outside Assistance", so I DQ'ed myself. That what I get for forgetting my food as we started the race. Oh yeah, and my Camelback froze. And my little toe hurt on my right side. And....

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    Thanks to you guys at Chain Reaction, Rio, and the women who stood shivering at the top of the Kincaid hill to record our numbers and times. The volunteers deserve a big high-five.

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    I know I saw some cameras out there

    Any photos to post?

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    Thanks to all the volunteers and thanks guys for a great ride. I might also add props to the beanie I like it!

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    That was a fun time....

    I had a blast. The course was well marked so I'm sure no one had any difficulty. Thanks as well to all the volunteers, that couldn't have been easy hanging out in frigid temps. And the beanie is cool!

    I happened to pick up a pair of goggles that someone dropped, just as you leave the path along Northern Lights and hit singletrack. I'll bring them to the pizza and beer party and pass them along to Bill's lost and found.

    Cool event, I can only see this growing larger in years to come.

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    Saving Privates From Dying - And Good Sportsmanship


    I'm happy to save yours and anyone else's bacon anytime. I'm a definite believer in good Karma and "what goes around comes around". I've been rescued before and always most grateful, so I'm always glad to turn it around for others.

    You're a fine sportsman too. When I read the newspaper this morning and didn't see your name, I just knew you had DQ'ed yourself. Nice show of proper sportsmanship. Hopefully I'll be able to make next years event. Although I had a great time at the Duathlon, I was envious watching all the hot rods rolling by and me not being part of it.
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