Not sure if the person I'm looking for would be on here, but if not hopefully someone knows the person I'm looking for.

I got to work yesterday to find that someone had hit the bike rack. There has been a mountain bike locked up to the bike rack for at least a week now without moving. It is on the opposite side of the rack of where it was hit, but it was pushed up against the wall. I carefully moved the bike rack away from the wall and looked over the bike. I can't see any damages, but that doesn't mean there isn't any.

If anyone knows someone that locks their bike up here can you let them know? I checked with the other person here that bikes and neither of us know who it could be. I wouldn't be happy to get on my bike to find that something was wrong with it and didn't know how it got that way. (I know how mine got messed up. I shipped it twice with PenAir. )