The December Frigid Bits was exactly that, Frigid, with wildly fluctuating temps in the minus zone ranging from -1 to -9. The sky was clear a full moon that presented the riders with a moon glow surreal snowy landscape.
The riders were in attack mode from the start and continued relentlessly to the finish. The Brown Bear Segment proved to be challenging and provided some interesting shunts.
I would like to thank the riders who came out and rode last night, your continued support of the Frigid Bits events gives me continued faith in the belief that our Alaska Fat Head Snow riders are second to none.
The next opportunity to experience a Frigid Bits ride will be the last Saturday of January.
Tim was the first rider back in 44:55, followed by Jamie S., 45:00, Dan, 45:30: Jamie 2, and Lights Out Will, 47:21; Tom, 4929; John, 55:00 and Bob. 1:03. I apologize in for those that not receive a ride time.