Frigid Bits Fund raiser Update V2 !
This very special Frigid Bits ride is the most outrageous ever! So perfect for the STA Fund Raiser!!! The ride will consist of two short courses and the x/c snow portion. The xc country segment will also include an opportunity for a non competitive social ride.
Also as a reminder, donít forget that there will be a pre-ride of the xc segment this Wednesday evening at 6:30 with the start being at the Goose Lake parking lot !!
This ride will feature a short track style ice crit that will feature both ice and terra firma as part of the course! The ride promise to be fast with the possibility of a huge fun pucker factor!! The transition from the ice will require your partner to have a snow bike period. A solo rider will be required to have 3.7 or greater tire bike, a skinny tired bike will destroy a groomed ski surface. This is a nonnegotiable, period.
The course is something that has been requested over the past several years and the ragelicious figure eight fat tire bike course is a reality!!!! This is prolly the first ever way fat tire figure eight course known to snaux bike riders anywhere! The perma grin course is in place and now ready to ride!!
This so sick course is located at the picnic shelter at Goose Lake! This will be a counter clockwise course.
So, proceed east counter clockwise (towards the mountains)around the picnic shelter, take the first left( obviously shoveled trail) go straight across then take the hard right and proceed a short distance then turn right again and this is the diagonal of the 8 that flows towards the picnic shelter go around the shelter and do over again !
This part of the ride will be a good will ride in that it will be the ridersí responsibility to count their 20 laps. A solo rider will then proceed to do the xc leg. The team member doing the ice crit will then do the figure 8. This team rider will then tag the rider who then proceed to do the xc leg!!!
Ride date: 2/20
Sign-up: 6:15- 6:45
Riders Meeting: 6:50
Ride: 7 PM