Thee Frigid Bits scavenger hunt and Grill Meister farewell tour will be this Friday, October 31st at 8 p.m. and the ride start and finish is at the Covey Cafe at Westchester Lagoon !
Rider sign up is from 7:30 - 8 p.m. with the ride start at 8 p.m. or there bouts. Helmets, lights that work are required as is proof that your are old enough to buy a beer at one of our " classy" joints !

The western boundary is the train tracks, the northern boundary is the gubberment Hill Military gate, the eastern boundary is A street and the southern boundary is Northern lights.

Now here is the very important part, for the remainder of the night, and that is the party part.
This will be our first Frigid Bits tailgate of the year! In addition, its our salute to our fellow snaux bro. the master of the road crit, the owner of the fastest yellow Sponge Bob boxer shorts know to modern man, the person who can cook your sausage the way you want it and rumor has it he has even provided heated buns for your sausage !
So, I would cordially invite you to bring some food to share at this potluck, we can heat it on the grill or on a camp stove, also bring some adult beverages to share and while your loading up the rig with your goodies please bring some wood for the only barrel to turn down the role for VP, the soon to be worldly winter mt. bike shrine, the incredible metal hulk that everyone likes to snuggle with, the Frigid Bits Burn Barrel !!!!!!!!
If you just want to party with Tim and not ride thats cool to! All of Tim's buds are encouraged to join us.

Please use this threads for questions.