a great time was had indeed!! this was my 1st time doing something like this. thx to rio and grill miester for their efforts. i will be back!!
special thx to manny for all the reponses to my ?s on the forum. mr. woody was a great leader, always keeping track of his congregation and the speed was just right.all other social rides should be like this one. tim has set the bar. we hit 18mph on some of the fast stuff, not bad for a 1st timer. you guys are truely a wonderful bounch! to top off the evening, my wife liza and my 4yr old daughter zoe were waiting for my return, they helped daddy carry bike, wheels and gear up 5 flights of stairs were there was hot plate of spaghetti w/ meat sauce and hot garic bread waiting to fill my tank! i was tired, sore, and couldn't get the grin off my face. after 2 advil pm's @ 1.30am i still count not sleep. got to bed about 4am!! what a night!! thx to all!!!