Frigid Bits: NOI V 2.0-
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    Frigid Bits: NOI V 2.0

    Well, the ice course is now set up at Goose Lake. Before I go any further I must give a huge thank you to Maura for spending time this afternoon in helping me shovel by hand the NOI course, with her help my 3 day job became a 4 hour job ! Thank you Maura !

    The course as it sits now is very fast ! I need to bust out The Grill Meister one of these evenings real soon and shave in some cool passing zones ! The course will have a separate stating chute, several long WFO sections as well as the Devils Elbow Turn and the one and only ONO Turn.
    This course will differ from previous courses in that the tangents are longer and the turns are fewer; however, the turns are much more complex and somewhat evil but in a good way. ! Oh , to survive this course and still be able to talk about it afterwards, use studded tires !
    If anyone has a bike computer and would like to measure the course for me I would really appreciate it ! Please use this thread for the info on distance. Thank you in advance !
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    You're welcome. It's better to shovel snow than shovel s***, right Rio? Here are a couple of pictures from this afternoon's cardio workout.
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    Shoveling Schtuff!!


    Sorry I missed your posting today, otherwise I would've been out to help. I didn't check the forum until this evening. Give me a call and we can talk about maybe meeting during the day sometime this week. Any day but Monday would be good. I can take time out during the day if you can too. It would be nice to test out and fine tune the corners for either; a) maximum speed, b) maximum powerslide, c) maximum deceleration trauma, or d) max maximum.
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    Given that I won't be here for the actual running of the event, I'll be sure to stop by, give the course a shot, and I'll be sure to leave my skid/body-&-bike marks where I wipe out!

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