Frigid Bits: Nads On Dirt results-
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    Frigid Bits: Nads On Dirt results

    Well, well, well, last light was a night many of the first time Frigid Bit riders will remember as the night they discovered how fast you can travel on ice with studs !
    The trails last night, were shiny ribbons of ice that despite the appearance of being an invitation to the emergency room, were actually much more tractionable and faster at night then in the afternoon !

    A huge thank you to Reverend Tim and the flockers from The Church of the Big Chain Ring for joining us last night ! Thank you Tim for leading your flock in out of the wilderness.

    The streaker continues from last year, Greg, is now undefeated in in the Frigid series.
    Greg completed last night's course in 1 hr 1 min, followed by Broken Toe Joe, 1:05; Evan, 1:05 :10 and #159, 1:05 24; Phil, 1:05:40, Danny K, 1:07; Peter, 1:08; Grill Meister, 1:08:35; Jim Cardwell, 1:08:45; Manny, 1:13; Jim B, 1:1320; Marc, 1:27; Jeff D, and Tony no time recorded. Can anyone throw down and end the streak ... I guess time will tell ?

    The Nocturnal Awards for outstanding athletic ability thats legal to do on or off the bike will go to Grill Meister for his outstanding Lawn Dart Impersonation and to Broken Toe Joe goes the infamous Nocturnal Super Man Award for doing his post ride cool down by doing what seemed to be 40,000 push ups !

    Lets all give it up to Grill Meister for taking the time to mark the course on Saturday afternoon !

    Also, a huge thank you to the riders who represented Team Pip, they spiced up the ride big time ! Should there be a club / shop challenge Cup ?
    Let me know and I will make it so !
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    thanks to Rio and Grillmeister

    Rio was out on the ice early sat. morning and made a great call to move the course on land, and at the last minute, Grillmeister set out to mark it. Much appreciated. It was great to see some new faces. All in all, it's pretty damned good out. We are probably the only user group ok with the weather right now.
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    Lawn Darts Are Illegal!

    Thanks Rio for the great event last night. The parking lot at Goose Lake, normally full of skiers at this time year, was packed with cyclists instead. How bizarre! Although I was looking forward to a Crit on ice, it was quite nice to see Carlos take the initiative to slap together a great course for the evening. I just loved all the SST (Slippery Single Track)

    As for my Lawn Dart impersonation, definitely not intentional, but was a good reminder of why we wear helmets. It's a good thing my head isn't any more pointy than it already is other wise I might still be stuck out there like an upsidedown scarecrow, off to one side of the Speedway Single Track.

    I can't remember who it was, but thanks again for retreiving my pump at the scene of the accident.
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    Great race... that was not only my first winter race, but it was my first winter race at night... on ice! It was great to get back on the saddle as I haven't been out much since I've arrived (I can count the times I've been out on my bike on my two hands since I've arrived up here in June), and I'll definitely be out at these events unless work says otherwise.

    Simply great, and it sure went a long way to make me comfortable on the ice--I sure felt like I was getting reckless on the trails, but once completing without falling off the bike (my two spills came when I had dismounted climbing around), I felt pretty good out there.

    Awesome-tastic time!

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