Frigid Bits: Phlog your Phat Saturday Nite
Well, well ... well Saturday is the day after the Spring Equinox and it will be the last tailgater for a while ! This fun urban adventure ride ride will start at 7 P.M. at Westchester Lagoon. I would like for riders to show up around 6:30 to sign up. This ride will be on trails very few of us have been on. Riders will navigate the course with a map that will be provided at the start, please bring a digital camera to document the turn around point. I will venture a guess that it might take 90 mimutes to complete the route, but that time will depend on your nav skills aye ? I'll be there at 6:30 so if you would like to challenge the course as a solo rider thats fine or with a couple of buddies (read: teams allowed), I'll just check you out and record your departure time.
The ride I think can best be described as urban meets boondocks. I would suggest a light of some sort just in case darkness finds you out there somewhere.
I do hope that the royal sin of spin or is it spin of sin, the leader of the spinnie flockers, the one that can not only lead the flockers in to the wilderness, and most of the time bring most of the mellow velo flockers out of the wilderness and back to the path of the rightious yellow brew, the one and only rightous Reverend Karma will make an apperance on the blessed phat velo Karmacycle and bless us with his leadership for the mellow velo flockers.

The tailgate for this ride will be like last year, a potluck so please bring food and beverages to share with others. I'll bring a grill and some salmon.
I will need help with the Fabulously popular and almost universally known, the one and only Frigid Bits Burn Barrel. The FBBB can get there but would need an escort after the festivities are over. I'll need to have someone step up for this or else the FBBB will have to stay in its royal chamber, and that would be a royal shame ! Please use this thread to volunteer for the FBBB.
Thank you !
Alaska Endurance Association Ride Coordinator